Review – Hubertine – Matilde Lise

I’ve had a wee crush on Hubertine after wrapping with a local’s lovely Winona Bleue. Our visit with Matilde Lise only solidified my impression that Hubertine is a company to keep an active eye on for lovers of thin, beautifully finished, high end machine woven blends. Visually, the complexity of Matilde Lise’s colorway isn’t easy to capture on … More Review – Hubertine – Matilde Lise

Review – Shearwater Weaving “Vagabond” – 5.2 White Wool Weft

Vagabond – 5.2 White Wool WeftI am so blown away by this wrap! I had the pleasure of hosting Julie’s Terra Nova woolie tester and from the minute I handed it off last winter I missed it. I loved, loved, loved that wrap with my tiny baby. When I found out the auction piece would … More Review – Shearwater Weaving “Vagabond” – 5.2 White Wool Weft