Review – Emmeline Textiles – Eleanor Pearl

Admittedly, some wraps pique my interest a little more than others from release photos (I’m sure this is the case for most wearers). Eleanor’s early photos had me captivated – the ribbed texture – natty – smooth passes – and a name that seemed to befit its aesthetic so well. When wraps pan out – when … More Review – Emmeline Textiles – Eleanor Pearl

Review – Two Sparrows Wovens – Rhythm Poison

100% Cotton Please allow me to introduce Rhythm Poison.  A Two Sparrows Wovens (formerly Two Sparrows Handwovens) machine woven wrap.  That’s right…machine woven.  Two Sparrows has ventured from their handwoven line to give it a go with machine wovens, and Rhythm Poison is one of the first to be released. First off, this wrap feels … More Review – Two Sparrows Wovens – Rhythm Poison