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Angela Thain 10899964_901980649846022_2324473036400784573_o

IG Handle: stashshot


Angela has tested for Fiolia Handwovens, Handwoven Melodies, Shearwater, and FibreEssence, among others.

A handwoven admirer, Angela has an equal appreciation for machine wovens and has several in her personal collection.

Angela’s main wrappee is three year old E. She has an ongoing interest in testing handwovens, machine wovens, and onbus. Her length preference is 4m+.

Jola Silorski 

Jola has hosted tester wraps for Willow Tree, Va Va Valoom, TieLark and Madder Roots, among others.

Jola’s main wrappers are baby S, and 2 year old F. She has an ongoing interest in  testing handwovens and machine wovens and has no length preferences.

10974345_10205157192462365_9192506540741407022_oSissy Crane

IG Handle: sissycrane

Sissy has tested previously for several handwoven and machine woven companies, including Shearwater, Sawyer Bee, Handwoven Melodies, LJHandwovens, Ankalia and Daiesu.

Sissy’s current wrappee is baby P, and occasionally 3 year old R. She has an ongoing interest in testing handwovens and machine wovens. Her length preference is 3.6 – 4.2 m.

Kristie Hall

IG Handle: kristielhIMG_3377

Kristie has tested machine woven and handwoven wraps including Linuschka, Pink Nova, Clockwise Weaving, and Ethos.

A lover of all textures and weaves, her personal stash has consisted of Didymos, Wonder Woven, Phoebe Williams, Tekhni, Girasol, Andalgo and Oscha.

Kristie’s wrappee is 1 year old C.  She has an interest in testing both handwovens and machine wovens of any length.

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