Review – Soul Maze

18767424_10211705046034612_7094438949528379372_nOur time as a Soul Mate has just concluded – making me realize that I left out a review for my favourite and very first Soul wrap – Maze.

I purchased Maze before becoming a Soul Mate, hoping to find a new brand recommendation to offer new wearers. I was looking for a wrap line from a company I didn’t feel uncomfortable supporting – something solid, pretty, easy to use and at a inexpensive price tag.

As someone that has been wearing for a bit, the price tag of wraps aren’t quite so shocking to me as when I started 4 (eep) years ago.  But I remember the shock back then, and the importance of being able to offer a suggestion in the under 200 bracket that is easy to purchase to those who are starting.  That something I recommend needs to be equally attractive and not cardboard to wrap with from first go.

The Maze colorways are all equally bright, brilliant and beautiful. Rich saturated colors, a very simple but elegant design. The width is average – not too narrow or over wide to overwhelm someone starting. While it does take work to soften to its best, it doesn’t arrive in that can stand up on itself stage that makes new wrappers head to the boards to ask for softening tips.

As a shortie – this was probably my most favourite machine woven to own in a long while.

Sissy & P





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