Soul – Prism Fresh

I’ve been super curious to try one of Soul’s handwovens. With affordable pricing and a good mix of really appealing colorways, I was hopeful to find another brand that I could recommend to those who are starting out with wearing and have budget considerations in mind.


Colorwise, this wrap harkens back to my first purchases and my early effort to find all the green Giras/wraps. It’s a super cheerful and bright colorway, the simple striping making it easy for new wrappers to sort top rail from bottom.

_MG_0023Wrapping wise, akin to older Giras, Prism lays well on the thin side for a handwoven. Rails are hemmed (neatly). It has the normal amount of visible bobbin changes and small imperfections similar to Girasol (and likely more apparent due to it’s thinness and straightforward colors). Newish, it does have a tiny bit more stick to it’s passes, even though thin I have to work a bit to sort out the slack thru my rails. Once tied off, it has little slip and remains solid in carries. My wearee is not large (under 20 pounds), and while I am comfortable in single pass carries with this weight range, I could see those wrapping pre K or larger toddlers finding this gets a bit diggy in single layers – or with ruck straps over long periods of time.

Who would like this wrap РWearers looking for a starter wrap at an affordable price point.  Experienced wearers searching for that easy summer shortie that can tuck up quickly in a summer bag. Libraries looking to expand their available wraps, this is a great one to collect.

Who might pass on this wrap – Wrappers looking for super supportive or cushy – this _MG_0018probably isn’t for you. Pre K wearers, will need to size up or look at other releases for more comfort. Hobby collectors, this might not be attention grabbing enough to stay in your collection.

(disclosure – currently serving as a SoulMate)

Sissy & P


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