Apple Blossom Wovens – Heirloom Copper (Tencel)

Surprisingly understated and yet so so good – Heirloom Copper might just be my most favourite ABW yet.


Colorwise. A bit unassuming in photos, the color is so lovely in person. A warm, subtle shade of neutral – the tencel sheen and pattern work add richer oomph. Though this is a _MG_9619brown wrap – it’s prettier and more complex than being a simple single predominant colorway wrap.

Wrapping wise. I tend to go back and forth on my appreciation for tencel in machine wovens. Heirloom made me swing back in favour. Ultra light, fluid, super easy to wrap with. Although this was a long traveller and I wasn’t able to do a lot of single pass carries, I didn’t notice any irritating slip or slide on our country hikes. I really really enjoyed wrapping with this, and that is not something I say often about wraps outside of my base_MG_9277 size.

Finishing. No issues, clean hems, tags, everything I’ve come to expect from ABW. Price
wise, the Heirlooms seem an affordable wrap investment. With the wrapping qualities of this colorway, I think Heirlooms could be a great beginner wrap, and a smart established wrapper choice to add to a collection, and I imagine this could also be a great learning library addition.

Sissy & P

Disclosure – Affiliate link for testing on behalf of Apple Blossom Wovens.


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