Stormborne Wovens – Branwen

As this traveller has now returned back to its home (and is available for draw) – a few quick thoughts on our first experience with one of Tarah’s pieces.


Colorwise – heads up pink lovers, this is a lot of super saturated and very bright pink.  This sparkle threads are subtly laced within the weave – not distracting in their abundance, nor difficult to view.  For pink admirers – this is a great pink purchase option in a shortie length.

_MG_9542Wrapping wise, Branwen wraps thin, but with great support. It’s an awesome short piece, not so thick or hefty that knots become burdensome or unwieldy. This could be a piece that would fold up perfectly to tuck in a purse or drape around a neck without bulk, while remaining super comfortable and solid for a toddler that wants back up on the way home. The length and blend would make it a great squish friendly option as well – although in my mind I felt like it’s solidness and drape suited it superb as an infant short piece.

Weaving wise, clean, discrete tagging. Selvedges are consistent, if not razor plainweave-esque (for those that remain selvedge picky).

_MG_9505Who would like this wrap: Pink lovers. Solid shortie searchers. Plain weave lovers searching for a hit extra of support and grip.

Who might pass on this wrap. Pink avoiders. Sparkle detesters. Those searching for a super cushy, soft wrap, or a hefty in hand twill.

Sissy & P


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