Review – Zee Zen – I’m a Dreamer

The 5th release we’ve had the pleasure of trying from Zee Zen, and again, I continue to be both impressed and ecstatic for Canadian wearers – to have such a lovely company to purchase from within our borders.


I’m a Dreamer. Monochrome bold goodness. It’s a deep, almost more dark cream and black wrap. Soothing colors combined in a a very striking pattern. I am really fond of Latte’s pattern, but I think Dreamer’s texture is even more visually lovely and translates even better to photographs.

_MG_9326In hand. This is my favourite Zee Zen yet. Cove is a close second, it’s textured cushy pillow goodness was a favourite here, and I remain a big fan of narrow with wrappee 3. Dreamer though feels like a culmination of the feedback that has been received in past releases – with the early cottons following Cove wrapping a bit heavy and crisp, and with Cove being a bit too narrow for average size kids. Dreamer falls fantastically in that perfect drape and foldability in a cotton from the ground start – the width being just right too. It’s easy to wrap with, has good grip but won’t require heavy break in time, meaning it’s beginner and practiced wrapper friendly.

Finishing as always remains perfection. Hems are clean, tags are unobtrusive. This is a _MG_9169really high quality wrap at a very reasonable price point for Canadians (even better for those paying Canadian exchange rates), solid competition for Euro based brands that tend to be a bit of exchange shock for our Canadian dollar.

Sissy & P


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