Review – A Love So Rare – Emberglow & Simplicity

We were fortunate to host 3 of Rachel’s beautiful pieces over the past month.

A short summary of my impressions and thoughts.

IMG_8495Rachel’s work is beautiful with lovely attention to detail. Her color play is gorgeous and sometimes unexpected. Her use of structures within colorways is amazing, and gives greater depths to colorways that might sometimes seem less captivating (natty) than the standard jewel tone.

The bamboo weft Emberglow was divine. Thin, beautiful drape, so lovely to wrap with. Amazing stretch and support. Perfection in a DH, lovely in front carries.

It’s tencel ring sling sister was even thinner, with much more surface texture. I’m admittedly not really a ring sling user, but we used this often for short ups while it visited.

Simplicity. This wrap is perfection between thin and medium thin. Cushy while not being unbearable heavy, lovely fluid drape and stretch. A tiny bit of shine and just lovely pattern work. IMG_8770

From a customer perspective having worked with Rachel on a semi, she is truly amazing to work with. She goes above and beyond to answer questions, to create mock ups, to meet the requests of groups who waver between decisions. She is helpful, knowledgeable and extremely patient. When wraps are received in hand she remains ready to answer questions and offer thoughts on care.

It has been a pleasure to both host & own Rachel’s work. ♡

Sissy & P


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