Paradisaea Handwovens – The Healer

It’s been a while since a review has crossed our fingers. Thankful to brush off dusty keyboards and return to a hobby I have fallen into and so dearly enjoy.

Since Paradisaea appeared in the Spring Great Competition of Weavers, I have watched each subsequent release with curiosity and excitement. Enthralled with Kaisa’s use of color, her story telling, the presentation of each piece – I have perhaps overeagerly hoped that one of her creations might come this way for a touch, a quick wrap, a visit.

I am very honoured and blessed to have been granted a short visit with The Healer while it was in our area.


Presentation. I don’t think many words need to be shared about Kaisa’s use of color. Her pictures and the pictures from those that own her wraps clearly capture how vibrant and striking her colorways are. In person, The Healer is exquisite, sharply striking and so beautifully bold.

_mg_8190Wrap wise. Kaisa noted early that she felt this particular wrap did not adequately represent her weaving. While it is a dense wrap, at the point it reached our home it had good drape and was not overly difficult to wrap with. It did wrap shorter than tagged 4.8, but as a generally thin wrap person, I did not loath wrapping with it (and I have had dense wraps that I loathed to touch). For toddler wearers, the wrap is so supportive and budge proof, it could easily be someone who tends to favour density – true love. For squishy wearers – this could be a lot of wrap to work with.

Details. The rails on this piece were hemmed – although that is not the norm for most Paradisaea pieces. As someone who really loves tagging and the tiny details that go into each piece of wrap art – the handwritten tagging and accompanying literature pieces to this wrap were lovely.

_mg_8294Who would enjoy this wrap. Toddler or larger infant wearers. Those who are most comfortable in solid, supportive wraps. Lovers of vibrant colorways.
Who might avoid this wrap. Earthy or neutral colorway lovers will find this overly bold. Squish wearers or new wrappers might find the density of this wrap difficult to adjust/learn with.

Sissy & P


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