Ankalia – Anisoptera Dusk

For those who found Mint Dragonflies a bit too soft, Dusk might the answer for a more saturated whimsical pattern replacement.

img_7621Colorwise. The perfectly soft purple and navy are just fantastic together. The “wrong” side is very obvious – and should make this a great transition wrap for a new wrapper who is hoping to explore an alternative to cotton. While I found the Mint colorway was almost too light in that it easily showed pretty rapidly where I had worn it – Dusk is deep and dark enough to be a good hide away for all those crumbs, smudges, and normal wearing joys.

Wrapping wise. I struggled to find carries in this shortie – mostly because I am team hate Shepherds and also phasing out of the newborn/squish long periods of front wrapping. Like Mint, Dusk is very soft, very flat, with little texture. The super wash blend translated into more slip for us (especially over diapers) – so a caution for those that are seeking Ankalia texture. For me this wrap would shine in shortie carries for squish aged wearees – and in base + carries for older babes.img_7714

In the chain of Ankalia releases – Dusk lies between Mint and Persi, in my opinion. It has a smudge more heft to it than Mint, but a little less texture than Persi. I suspect fans of the wrapping qualities of either release will find another wrap fave in Dusk.

Sissy & P



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