Review – 14 Mile Farm – Unconditional

You know when you wrap with a fibre type several times, and you think you have a pretty good sense of how it *generally* will perform across wraps/weaves/weavers – and then your expectations are shattered by a game changer? Yeah. That.

From the first photos shared from IBC, I was drawn to the uniqueness of Unconditional. The texture/pattern & colorway paired together made me wish I was there to feel the wrap img_7648in hand. In person, the colorway is rich, and yet so freaking hard to capture accurately on camera. Indoor photos tended to make the wrap verge towards Christmas y (its not) and outdoor photos had the tendency to almost wash the texture of the pattern out.

Wrapping wise. Jasmine’s tencel is quite different from the tencels we have wrapped with, both machine woven and handwoven. While it retains that shiny, soft & floppy feeling I characterize as essential to tencel, Unconditional was almost blanket like heavy – cushy and spongey. I’ve generally assumed to this point that tencel will lend a light thinness to a wrap – but Unconditional’s tencel/cotton pairing mirrors more of the wrapping qualities I might expect in a super wash wool. While the tencel adds softness to the wrap, I didn’t find it overly slippy in carries, nor overly bulky either with the added cush.

Weaving wise. Clean weaving and tagging. Turned corners on the hemmed ends are a nice finishing touch.

img_7484Who might like this wrap. Blanket wrap lovers. Soft seekers. Toddler wearers should find this comfortable for ups while not falling in the normal toddler beastly cotton domain.

Who might avoid this wrap. Thin hunters. PW lovers might find this a bit too textured / too  very twill like for their comfort. Selfie fans might find photographing this one trying.

Sissy & P




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