Review – Ankalia – Anisoptera Mint

As this one has already been released – some quick thoughts for those contemplating grabbing up one of these second hand.


Colorwise. This color is so different from what is available on the market, so delicate, and very pretty. It’s not quite in my season, but I still really really liked it in person. The img_7313dragonflies are whimsical, if a little different from the geometric designs Ankalia seems to have made their forte. The flip rails and obvious wrong side should be helpful for a new wrapper. If I have one major issue it’s that the cream side is so light – and the soft texture of the rails seem to make it smudge easily. With an infant & not a toddler wearee (and I promise I wash my hands regularly) – I still found it needed a wash before sending out to the next host – as the rails seemed to go a bit grimy.

Wrapping wise. I struggle between deciding if Mint or Natty Rubix is softer. Out of all the cotton Ankalias we have been grateful to host, Mint and Natty are quite different in wrapping qualities from the other releases. While Natty was sleek, supple, soft – Mint is more lush, cozy, soft. You can tell it’s cotton, but it’s not a cotton that requires a lot of work. For those wearing larger wearees, I think Mint would handle a larger weight range better, and it’s bit of grip would help prevent any slip or excessive stretch one might have with Natty. 14502868_10209491528458056_2771922191654511815_n-1

Finish wise. This particular tester had a bit of missed stitching on a rail that frayed after my wash.

Who would like this wrap. Those searching for a cozy, cotton wrap with little break in. Pastel lovers. New wrappers searching for a wrap that is easy to master rails/tightening with.

Who should pass. Easy care wrap lovers will find the cream side too high maintenance. Fans of Ankalia’s geo designs might find this pattern doesn’t suit them. Those determined wrap transformers and lovers of Ankalia’s more heavier cottons – this will be too soft for you.

Sissy & P


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