Little Dog Handwovens – Opus 14

For science.

Tencel plain weave. I admit to being leery. I am aware that tencel has been widely cautioned as being a bit shift prone, and coupled with plain weave – it just seemed a recipe for – well.  Our many thanks to Caitlin for entrusting her plain weave tencel tester, Opus 14, to us for a spin and for seeking honest feedback on how it handled with everyday wrapping.


I’m gonna force you to read further for the goods. First. The colorway is beautiful executed. This is a rich, warm fall-ish colorway beautifully pinstriped. The two earlier testers we hosted from Little Dog were not my jam as far as colorways, and I recall maybe labeling them as a bit old school. Caitlin has shown a rapid eye for picking up color execution – this colorway is really lovely and eye pleasing.

In hand. Yeah. Tencel plain weave. So much drape. So soft. Very light. Surprisingly, this doesn’t have as much sheen as I was expecting. Aside from the immediate softness in hand – I wouldn’t have picked this out as tencel at first touch. Taut chest passes – small knots – everything you might expect from tencel and/or plain weave. I was expecting a bit more wiggle and slip – but really didn’t pick up on much with my petite sized infant.

img_7125Wear wise. Everyone reading is edge of seats – BUT DID IT SHIFT?????

Facts first. This came to us as second host, after being hosted by another lovely local with kids in larger weight ranges then mine. There was no shifting on hand off. The wrap was not washed in between visits.

I wore this a lot over it’s time with us. We don’t wear for lengthy periods of times at our current age – but we do lots of up and downs. Re wrapping, wrapping. Outdoors, indoors. I tried to vary carries in hopes of finding its weakness – and also tried to repeat stress along the middle marker – because to me that and rails of the tails would be the most stressed points. I am not a gentle wrapper – but I don’t think I’m a hard wrapper either. I like my wrap jobs super tight and I will snug out slack  – L pull etc. I brought out the rings to see if the tension of rings and tightening triggered shifting too.

Shift wise. At the end of it’s visit I found 2 tiny points of shifting – noticeable on examination in front of a window in light. Another shift point seemed to be at the middle marker tags – where the sewing (IMO) seemed to cause the fabric to pucker and pull towards the thread. It seems to me that areas of bobbin change / repair – anything where stitching occurs for tags – IMO – these are the areas where the threads will be more likely to draw in and cause shift points. For a week of avid wrapping, TBH, I was kind of img_7100expecting a little more obvious shifting.

My very personal final verdict. Would I seek out a tencel plain weave for myself? No. Can it be done? I think under the right weaver combo of sett/etc sure. This isn’t a wrap that to me would be suitable for large wearees or aggressive wrapping. For squishes, small infants, it’s fantastically soft and drapey – and yeah, I can see coveting that aesthetic – especially in a new wrap that takes zero break in time. I see it as comparable to buying Didymos VHI for a baby vs a standard toddler – or any other fantastically thin/historical tendency to shift wrap – the right wearee will be manageable – a wearee riding outside of the zone might make it a mess.

Summing it up. Great for squishes, soft lovers, plain weave appreciators seeking a wrap with zero break in time. Those who are unafraid of wraps that are more prone in nature to shifting (Indio lovers – looking at you).

Not for large infants, toddlers. Easy care appreciators. Those who dislike/fear shifting. Aggressive wrappers.

Sissy & P


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