Review – 14 Mile Farm Handwoven – Field of Dreams

We have tried a good number of tencel blend handwovens and machine wovens. I kinda felt I had a pretty solid opinion established as to what tencel translated in wrapping qualities for most wraps. Field of Dreams threw us for a bit of a spin with it’s visit.


Colorwise. This is a gorgeous royal shade of purple. I haven’t been drawn much to purple, mostly because there is a consistent number of purple wraps on the market and I have perhaps silly aspirations of being different. But this purple combination was lovely, in a very not typical way. Earthly, rich, so very fitting as we transition to Fall weather in the Northern hemisphere.

img_6949Wrapping wise. I have read descriptions prior of tencel being likened to wool – and always scoffed as I had never felt that comparison. This tencel blend is the first that I can *kind of* see why others may have likened the two fibres as similar. While many of the tencels we have hosted have verged on very thin and flat, there is a depth to this wrap and cush that mirrors what one might seek in wool. While still very soft, very floppy, wrapping very thin – there’s just a titch more to this blend – that I’m assuming is lended to the wrap by the weave. The wrap has good stretch and support, and at this length, would be a lovely ruck wrap for a larger wearer – and equally welcome to those wrapping small squishes.

Weaving wise. The selvedges are clean, although scalloped. Being completely honest, I personally really love the aesthetic of a sharp selvedge and will always gravitate in that direction. I appreciated the whimsy of the patterned labels, although it was met with equal 14344849_10209339268411650_5941848878588534044_nparts love/dislike at a local meet. I might recommend that perhaps the border be slightly smaller (especially since now paired with safety tagging).

Who will like this wrap. Lovers of soft and floppy. Searchers of blankety wraps. Royal/jewel tone admirers. Those with comfy ruck requirements.

Who might pass on this wrap. Those with a preference for inconspicuous tagging might have a hard time overlooking the patterned tags. Tencel lovers who prefer the ultra thin tencel feel might find this particular wrap a bit too fluffy and outside their comfort zone. Sleek/flat appreciators again – this might just be right on your preference line.

Sissy & P


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