Review – Bonny Baby Handwoven – Comox Sunset & Sundown

It’s been over a year since we hosted our first Bonny Baby wrap (I know, because I checked, for nostalgia. And oh sweet photos of now much more grown up kids).

I remember appreciating the clean precision of Amber’s wrap then, if not finding it didn’t suit my particular wrapping niche at the time. Our visit with Comox Sunset and Sundown solidified my impression that Amber’s weaving is lovely, and these wefts made me realize that I have been missing out on a few fibre combinations that might suit our wrapping style well.


Comox Sunset. I am not a large fan of pebble. The cottons we have hosted have been heavier in hand, lacking the drape and stretch that I tend to prefer for the carries we use.img_6559 Bamboo pebble has been our favourite, floppy, soft, with lovely drape. This silk weft pebble though landed in perfection zone. Very very thin, with fantastic drape and stretch.
It mirrors most closely to plain weave, yet the silk provide a bit of texture/grit to the fibre to make it feel a bit more solid, a bit more sticky. While it wouldn’t appeal to those who seek pebble for the extra solid/cush, those who want a bit more texture while retaining stretch and drape should really find this appealing.

Sundown. Hemp. Another wrap choice that hasn’t been high in appeal to me. While I appreciate the science of wrap transformation at this point in my wearing I’m not keen on img_6659spending time breaking in fibres. This hemp though – just so buttery soft. I double checked tags (low memory lately) and was stunned. This shortie piece had so much fluidity and suppleness  – just really really easy to wrap with. Amber mentioned it’s one of her favourite pieces, and I can see why. I definitely gravitated towards using it – it was an amazing car shortie – solid, soft, and comfortable in a traditional sling carry. Definitely a great combination for a shortie, but I can see this being equally amazing in a longer length – and able to provide that extra bit of support that some larger wearees might require.

Sad to see these go on to their next stop – but so thankful to be able to wrap with more of Amber’s work . A important reminder for me of why it’s always important to revisit the work of weavers we have appreciated in the past.

Sissy & P




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