Review – Zee Zen – Latte Spice & Marin Surf

I don’t think we have been the only Canadian eagerly awaiting further releases from Zee Zen!

We recently played host to two releases from this year’s line up – Latte Spice & Marin Surf. Our thoughts on each follow below.IMG_6782

Latte Spice. This beautiful earthy wool blend is an exciting addition to ZZ. In hand, this is a flatter, sleeker feeling wool. This isn’t a floppy soft woolie akin to WW or other merino IMG_6728blends – this is a solid working woolie – more in line with PinkNova Fallen Leaves or Hubertine Winona. Incredibly textured, Latte molded beautifully in a chest pas
s and pleated up nicely. Knots were a reasonable size. Like the new cotton options that haveĀ released, this tester Latte requires a bit of play time to truly soften up into a sweet spot. However, as Pauline has indicated the pre-order Lattes will be woven more loosely to allow the camel to truly shine – I think those who commit to purchase will find themselves pleased with a beautiful neutral woolie truly fitting from newbie to experienced wrap collector.

IMG_6775Marin Surf. For those that fell in love with the texture and easy care nature of Cove, Surf adds a brighter, slightly flatter cotton option. With less immediate cush than Cove, Surf still has that texture that seems to be a key feature of ZZ’s wraps, and more width for those that found Cove a bit narrow for larger wearees. This wrap will require some break in time – akin to Pavo Duet – it wouldn’t be my first choice for a newborn and it might overwhelm a new wrapper. The color and texture of this wrap and the ability to support a Canadian owned brand, might make it worthwhile spending a bit of break in time on a purchase.

I continue to be excited by what Pauline and her company are bringing to the table for Canadian wrappers as a Canadian company. To me, these wraps are only a further indication that Pauline continues to seek to bring high aesthetics and quality production to Canadian wearers.

Sissy & P




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