Review – Localgal Handwovens

It was our honour to host these three beautiful testers from Localgal. Each very different in their wrapping qualities, yet each beautifully crafted and finished.
My thoughts on each piece individually follow.


Heart Stone. (EC w/ tencel weft, nameless draft) Admittedly, this was my draw to IMG_6494Localgal’s work. The shares of this piece within Loom to Wrap captivated me. I felt that the pairing of colors and draft fit impeccably well together – and even me – a hugely not pink lover – fell in love with the aesthetic. In person, the wrap is just as beautiful as in photos. The pinks used are classic, elegant, stately. In hand, the wrap is light, soft, easy to wrap with. If anything, I mourned consistently that it wasn’t longer (tagged at 2.9). The floats are longer, but I did not have issues with my use in pulls – although I could see that potentially being a problem. The tencel weft lends a super thinness to this wrap – and I could see this particular combo being better suited to smaller babes over toddlers/pre K.

IMG_6519To Market. (Cotton w/ hemp weft, double sided twill variation of goose eye twill). A harder wrap to capture the complexity of it’s color & weave in photo. The dye work coupled with the weave is rustic, earthy, beautiful. The hemp weft is heavier in hand, and this is a wrap
that will take a bit of break in time to reach it’s pinnacle.  Solid in carries, smooth chest passes that were supportive and snug. I could see the weft overwhelming a newer wrapper, but those patient would be rewarded with their persistence because this beautiful wrap has a lot to offer and really is stunning.

IMG_6520To Market. (Cotton, diamond variation of goose eye twill). Along with pink I am a rare gravitater to purple, and I definitely found that out of the 3, this was the wrap I reached for the least. With less engagement in the dye/draft work, I sometimes overlooked the strengths of this wrap in favour of the shortie Heart Song and the hemp To Market. All cotton, this wrap was well on it’s way to softening up by the end of our visit, and this weave/fibre combo would definitely suit a newer wrapper or someone that is resistant to waiting for wrap transformation to happen.This would be a solid addition to someone’s collection.

The finishing on each of the wraps was lovely. Selvedges were clean. I appreciated that each tag was printed with the wrap’s specific information. A pleasure to host, looking forward to following more of Ashley’s work.

Sissy & P



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