Review – Ankalia – Mako Laguna

We passed on hosting the original Mako, which seems to have proven to be one of the most loved and adored Ankalias (a bone head move on our part). We were happy to host Mako’s blue counterpart and get to know a Mako.

IMG_6752Colorwise. The blues are deep and saturated akin to Mariana, but whereas Mariana is a bit more moody, more intense in it’s blue vibe, Laguna feels a bit brighter, a bit warmer.  Both are beautiful blue colorways, both with very distinct feels. A collector shouldn’t feel too much like they have duplicated colorways owning both in their collection.

Wear wise. Aside from Natty Rubix, this is the softest all cotton Ankalia I have played with so far. With a bit of weight, it nonetheless feels smooth and soft in a wrap job. It arrived moderately soft (second tester) – and even after a wash – softened up almost immediately. In my estimate, this isn’t a IMG_6538cotton that should require a large amount of break in time. While it won’t come immediately soft like Natty Rubix, and might scare a few wrappers with the thought that it will take a lot of break in time, it will get there quickly, and with a bit more fullness to keep it comfortable for those wearing larger wrappers too. The Mako, like I’ve heard of the other, should be a
great option for newer wrappers to learn with.

Ankalia comparison. A thicker, fluffier counterpart to the all cottons Aurora, Mariana, and Magician. Getting close to the immediate softness of Natty Rubix, but in in a deeper, heavier way. Feeling in hand most weight wise to Nganana and Seaglass – but without the requisite break in time. IMG_6741

Sissy & P



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