Review: Willow Tree Wovens “Maritime Venus” with Peppermint!

Review: Willow Tree Wovens – Maritime Venus
Supima warp and Peppermint weft

When I was contacted to host Willow Tree Woven’s newest wrap, Maritime Venus, I was excited. Firstly, because we’ve loved the WTW wraps that have passed through here; secondly, because the wrap’s weft is made of PEPPERMINT! Will it smell like a candy cane? Will it feel like dental floss? The answer to both those questions is no, but the peppermint fibre makes for unique wrap qualities and is – big claim here – in the running for the softest wrap we’ve ever tried.


Wrapping: After putting this wrap through the paces, the best way I can describe the qualities are peppermint are that it’s similar to the super broken in, buttery glide of linen with a hint of the unyielding strength of silk. Right out of the bag, this wrap is so, so floppy and soft. It is thin in hand. It has a little bit of diagonal give, but very little stretch, requiring a little precision in perfecting the tightness of my top rail. It glides and has a flat texture with no grip. Wrapping with the warp side out, the wrap has an almost slippery quality in carries with multiple passes, such as a double hammock. It drapes beautifully, lending itself nicely to carries ending in swishy tails. Kangaroo with my baby was easy to move the slack along the shoulder flips and very breathable in the muggy summer heat. The twill has visual and tactile depth that creates softens nicely in wear. I wouldn’t go as far as describing it as cushy, but I have low tolerance for shoulder dig and it was remarkably comfortable in a ruck with my 40# toddler. He was up for 10 minutes and there was no sag. Single layer carries were where this wrap excelled.


Weaving: I’ve been a follower of Rebecca’s chatter page since its inception. I admire the way she finds success with a particular fibre combo or weave, but instead of falling back on it, she forges ahead with new ideas and techniques. I enjoy following along as she shares her artistic process on the page. She’s a weaver with a clear vision, but not afraid to change course if the textile speaks to her differently during the warping, dyeing, or weaving process. This particular tester is known to the weaver to be prone to pulls and I found that to be true; however, we stored carefully and wore as usual for our testers and didn’t incur any significant pulls during its time here. The beautiful hand dyeing is a mix of colours that looks like a kalidescope and makes it hard to pull out the dominant colour. It has a slightly shimmery quality and changes in the light that makes it hard to capture on camera.


Who needs this wrap? Fibre enthusiasts. Newborn wrappers looking for the softest wrap for their squish’s delicate skin. Summer shorty seekers, even with heavier wrappees.

Who might pass: Lovers of stretch, grip, and thicker dense weaving. Those who are looking for an easy-care beater wrap.

Jola &S &F


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