Review – Handwoven Melodies – I’m Good

A lovely friend lent us this wrap, on condition that we share some thoughts on Handwoven Melodies’ first pima blend offering.

Our quick thoughts:

I still love Pima. Aside from organic cottolin, pima is like my ultimate next favourite fibre to wrap with. I’m maybe 7 ish spins in with different pima blend wraps, and par for par, each one has been just as amazing. IMG_6242
For those familiar with Morgan’s cotton (I’ve only tried an early cotton wrap, so this is my basis for comparison) – the pima blend is thinner, lighter in hand. It has that same lovely super soft feeling that accompanied the cotton – it’s warm, smooshy – you could yearn for both as a Fall shawl or scarf.

The thing I continue to love most about pima, and that is illustrated in this wrap, is that even being ever so immediately soft and drapey, in combo with cotton it remains supportive and textured. While some fibre types can lend a bit of slip, a bit too much texture, cause sag or go heavy on density, pima is just so right. Elastic chest passes, small knots, and no slip, no sag.

IMG_6341Lovers of Morgan’s work – if you are searching for a bit more stretch, more elasticity, a tiny bit more drape than the cotton, pima is a good choice to diversify your upcoming purchases.

Those who appreciate the extra cush and depth of her cotton, pima might be a little too thin for your ultimate liking in a shortie.

Sissy & P

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