Review – Aquarelle Handwovens – Still Waters

I’ve been so intrigued by the beautiful look of the network twill weave used on this wrap – just like soft rolling waters – so apt to it’s name.


A beautiful combination of blues, with a dominate rusty brown on one rail reminding me of a sand bar set against a beach, the colorway captured beautifully in photos from both cell to camera.

IMG_6162Wear wise – Still Waters was tagged a shortie size 3.2 m. The network twill added quite a bit of dimension to the wrap – and while I wouldn’t classify it as wrapping either dense or stiff – it did wrap thicker. Although moldable, I struggled to find carries to pair with this length, and a few times found myself about to tie off and unable to knot. Knots themselves were on the larger side but not awkwardly so. The wrap itself was rock solid, easily maintaining a single knot, and I feel it would really shine with a larger wrappee and in rucks and single pass carries. For those seeking to use this combination of fibre and weave in future purchases, I might suggest adding on a bit to your length to accommodate for the dimension and the lack of built in stretch.

Weaving wise. Beautiful clean selvedges. Simple tagging and clean hemming.

13892218_10208989605270290_8083720696749663944_nWho might like this wrap. Those who seek out wraps that run a tiny bit heavier, on the more blankety soft feeling side. Wearers looking for a solid ruck wrap. Lovers of the aesthetics of complex twill. Blue admirers. Wrappers who appreciate a transformation challenge.

Who might pass on this wrap. While the width was perfect with my smaller infant, I feel the heaviness of the wrap might make it less comfortable with a true squishy squish. New wrappers might find the dimension a bit overwhelming to work with. Seekers of thin and stretchy, this probably isn’t for you.

Sissy & P


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