Review – Emmeline Textiles – Eleanor Pearl

Admittedly, some wraps pique my interest a little more than others from release photos (I’m sure this is the case for most wearers). Eleanor’s early photos had me captivated – the ribbed texture – natty – smooth passes – and a name that seemed to befit its aesthetic so well.

When wraps pan out – when I get to happily say that they are ever bit as lovely as they have appeared -it’s a bit like tester bingo, although writing positive reviews are sometimes the hardest part. It’s hard to sell the merits of a wrap believably when it’s truly lovely to wrap with and hard to pinpoint any room for improvement.


In hand, Eleanor was substantial, but not as dense as I had been expecting. I was assuming from the texture in photos it would be a bit more bulky with grip – less drape and flop. While there is some depth to EP – and it’s not by any nature a “thin” wrap – it has lovely stretch and fluidity. Enough grip to hold a knot well, but enough stretch to make tentative steps at back wrapping accessible. It held a ruck like a boss – very little slip and sag and a solid high seat.IMG_5999

In my mind, EP would be a solid beginner on wrap – it has enough substance to make a beginner’s wrap jobs comfortable, while providing enough room to grow into learning tightening and perfecting one’s skills, while still feeling challenged.

Finishing wise – great hems, great packaging. As a hand to those behind the scenes, the tester routes were organized thoughtfully with great attention to detail and follow through.

IMG_6076Who would like this wrap. Natty lovers. Texture curious. Those looking for a good beginner to end wrap – this should provide enough texture interest for those experienced and still be a good fit for a new wrapper. Toddler wearers should find this supportive enough for bigger wearees – although I didn’t measure the width it might be a bit more narrow for those looking for a very wide pre K wrap.

Who might pass on this wrap. Width lovers. Stain scared – it is natty – although the grad offerings are pretty spectacular. Those seeking super thin, or very stretchy – this might not be right for you. Those seeking mass texture and a break in challenge.

Sissy & P



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