Review – Ankalia – Etch Neptune

Sleek, shiny, saturated.

For those that have been wanting high impact color coupled with a soft, medium weight wrap, Neptune might be what you have been waiting for.

A brilliant combo of deep blue and green, Neptune photographs easily and super true to life. The tencel provides a high sheen that picks up lovely in photos – just a really beautiful head turner combination or color and fibre.IMG_5617

Wrapping wise, Neptune is on the thinner side compared to some previous releases. Very
very sleek in hand, with little texture to the touch nor in wrap carries. The depth to the wrap means that it handles weight easily – it has enough bounce to make it suitable for larger weight ranges, especially in multi pass carries, yet it wraps neat enough that it is easily suitable for an infant or a wrapper just learning the ropes.

IMG_5608Ankalia Comparisons. For me this wrapped closest to Natty Rubix – with a similar flat, almost satiny feel. It is denser with more depth, for those that are seeking something a tiny bit more large wrappee friendly. It has more bounce/stretch and glide than Magician or Aurora, and much less texture than Nganana or Seaglass.

Who would like this wrap. Medium thin wrap lovers – this is the definition. Vivid color hunters. Sleek chest pass seekers. Those who verge on a love of soapy – this is getting there. New wrappers – this is a friendly soft wrap that shouldn’t scare you and have you buying a new iron.

Who might pass on this wrap. Super thin lovers might find they are more suited to Natty Rubix or Ophi. Texture cravers, this is very sleek and might not suit you. Wearers looking 13731608_10208844416080651_2826094094147858398_nfor a challenge – this isn’t a wrap that will require a lot of break in or work to be friendly.

Sissy & P


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