Review – ARLO handwoven – Thalia

Far from Shore. Gleam. Orion.

Admired for producing some beautiful colorways, we were very honoured to be asked to test ARLO’s  pebble prototype.


Colorwise. Beautiful color grad blending. A combination of colors always appreciated by wrappers – the colorway photographs easily and true to life.

13606805_10208692187195024_3537050743664446343_nWear wise. In hand, the pebble cotton combo is a bit drier and definitely more textured than I was expecting – although on par with another cotton pebble tester we’ve tried. I feel that cotton may just lend itself to a more denser, grippier feeling in hand when paired with pebble, than tencel or bamboo seem to allow for.

In pebble, Thalia seemed fit for a wrapping challenge – supportive with a larger wrappee, able to comfortably handle a ruck. With its texture and density, I was more comfortable tying off in single knots, as it didn’t quite have the drape (at least at this point in it’s travels) to tolerate a compact knot.The pebble texture adds grip which makes it fitting to handle passes without allowing any slip – but also tends to add a bit of bulk when doing front carries. It handled better in straightforward front carries like FWCC, but was harder to work the tension out of in Robbins.

IMG_5458I have the general impression that Nora’s plain weave is generally quite lovely floppy and stretchy (having not tried ARLO plain weave, my impression here is based on comments made by others). For those hoping to mirror that feeling in the pebble, this variation might not be what you are searching for. For those wishing for greater support, a bit less give, and more overall structure than is found traditionally in most plain weaves, pebble could be a great option for you.

Weaving wise. Selvedges could be sharper, but consideration due as we were warned that this was a proto and that Nora was not pleased with the selvedges herself.

Who would like this wrap. Larger weight range wrappees will appreciate the added support  the pebble lends to the cotton. Plain weave grad lovers will admire the grad’s ability to showcase with a bit of added dimension from the pebble. I think this wrap might shine more in a shortie – for shortie wearers looking for structure without sag.

IMG_5457Who might pass on this wrap. Stretch/drape hunters – this might not be the right fibre/weave combination for you. Wrappers with bitty wrappees might find the bulk of this a bit overwhelming with new squishes in this length. Traditional fans of plain eave might not find the wrapping qualities they are searching for in this combo.

Sissy & P





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