Review – Ankalia – Natty Rubix

I’ve been struggling to recollect if I have tried a 100% EC machine woven. Trusty spreadsheet seems to reason that this might be the first, as most wraps that have come before have been blends. IMG_5505

Colorwise. The Rubix pattern is more laid back and discrete in natty. Minimalistic – it serves more to add a bit of texture to the otherwise sleek surface than to pop in terms of design. In terms of natty color, think more Ashton cream, less Oscha grad white. A bit more towards custard, less towards marshmallow. IMG_5385

Wrapping wise. At first – Natty was more dry to the touch than I was expecting (after being freshly washed before mailing). However the wrap softened up ridiculously in just a few wrap jobs. Thin, floppy, very sleek in hand – it narrows down to create lovely compact shoulders while handling knots well. It has lovely stretch and drape (like serious really lovely stretch) – and I reckon would make a
pretty epic chest pass and tiny CCCB (caveat here that due to our main wrappee’s age, we exclusively wrapped with Rubix in front carries). It is a softer, sleeker wrap, and it wouldn’t necessarily surprise me if it had a bit of slip in non reinforced carries with a very large wrappee – but we didn’t experiment to find out.

Ankalia Breakdown. Falling closer to the thinner/crisper Ankalias (Magician, Aurora), but with much greater moldability an overall softness. Running closest to the immediate softness and drape of Ophi, but want a a bit more density and oophm. IMG_5654Some built in squish factor like Nganana, but not as textured, not as structured.

Who Might Like This Wrap. Wrappers that found tencel blends like Seaglass or Nganana slightly overwhelming, but crave similar softness than can be found in some of the thinner Ankalia releases. Squish wearers. Cravers of super stretch and drape. Natty lovers.

Who Might Pass on this Wrap. Obviously, those who are wary of stains/want an easy care wrap – natty probably isn’t your friend. Large toddler wearers – might want to grab this in a longer wrap to reinforceIMG_5354. Ankalia texture lovers – this might not have enough of that Ankalia texture you admire to make you happy.

Sissy & P



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