Review – MAEhem Handwovens – Splendor

Splendor. A very apt name for this very shiny, delicate colorway from MAEhem. The colors are muted and difficult to photograph accurately, although the shine is more easy to capture on film. While not my normal colors of choice, I can see how Splendor could be easily popular with other wearers for its subtle colorway and sheen.


Wear wise. This is a very, very floppy wrap. Soft, shiny, with a ton of drape. It’s also quite blankety in hand and very wide, which do make it more challenging to wrap a squish with. IMG_4747CCCBs aren’t overly large, knots are however a bit bigger than I prefer (especially over my bum). Splendor sits a bit in that difficult category of not being quite super squish perfection due to its width and heft, and yet perhaps has too much drape to effectively and comfortable handle a large sized toddler without getting a bit of sag. The wrap is cushy comfortable on the shoulders, but the fibre combination and weave seems to make it a bit more susceptible to small pulls.

Finishing wise. Weaving is consistent – no noticeable IMG_4895issues. Selvedges are not perfectly straight but making some accommodation here for weave and fibres. The nature of the weave and colorway do make it slightly harder to find the blessing thread middle markers.

Who will like this wrap. Soft lovers. Pima fans. Pastel collectors. Kiddos riding in that middle range between not quite a squish & not quite a toddler should be comfortable in this wrap.
Who might pass on this wrap. Small squish wearers – even IMG_4882though the fibre combo is divine, the width will be overwhelming. Large kid wearers might not find this supportive enough for long time wear.
Avoiders of delicate care wraps. Bright colorway lovers.

Sissy & P


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