Review – Paper Street Weaving – BBB

Purple, pink, and blue would make the most awful wrap combination.

Said virtually no wrap admirer ever.


Aesthetically, this Paper Street tester was lovely. It’s pretty hard to go wrong with this color palette, and as past image share contests have shown, it seems to be a universally well loved combo for wrappers. The pin striping was intricate and thoughtfully done – and the wrap photographed beautifully. And even being a bit of a purple, pink and blue rebel, I did quite appreciate the prettiness of the pin striping detail with this color theme.

IMG_4781Wear wise. BBB arrived tagged at 5.7 m. Yeah. That’s a lot of wrap, and I admit I eschewed some carries and wear based on the fact that lugging around 5 meters of anything is not always easy. Despite its length, BBB was easy to wrap with, being light in hand and moldable. While not a super thin and floppy plain weave, BBB verges more on the supportive and denser side – think along the lines of Old Uppy cotton, Brown Dog cotton, Isis plain weave. For those who adore the pin striping intricacies of a plain weave but find that some plain weaves don’t provide enough support, Paper Street might be a great option.

Finishing. No complaints on finishing here. Selvedges were remarkably clean and sharp
especially for a picky selvedge person. Tagging was discrete. Middle markers were tactile and cleanly done. Overall I was very impressed with the finishing and wrapping qualities of BBB – being in general a super plain weave admirer.

Who would like this wrap. Plain weave lovers. Pinstripe admirers. Toddler or higher weight ranges wearers will appreciate the higher density and support of this plain weave. Plain weave shortie seekers. IMG_4791

Who might pass on this wrap. Plain weave lovers looking for
super stretch and flop. Ultra thin wrap lovers might find this verges on a little too dense. Squish wrappers seeking super soft and narrow. Purple, pink and blue rebels.

Sissy & P


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