Review – Muma Bear – Cherry Bomb

This super vivid Aussie made tester recently made a stop over in Canada  – just in time for the rise of warm temps on this side of the hemisphere.


First impressions. The colorway is obviously super vibrant, and the wrap photographs easily and beautifully. The colorway is warm and happy  – featuring true bright primary colors that combine together to create a dramatic impression. The hand painting provides an additional pop of color to the wrap, all without looking muddy or too overdone.

IMG_4715Wear wise, Cherry Bomb does lie on the the denser side. It’s not a super heavy wrap and it’s still relatively thin and flat in hand, but it does have less stretch and drape than some might be looking for. With great structure and support, this is a wrap for those seeking additional depth but hoping to veer from a wrap that may be too heavy or overwhelming with cush. It reminded me most of the compact weave of Lucy Slykerman – lovely dense with a bit of substance but not too much fluff. Lovers of denser cotton plainweaves a la Brown Dog and Isis, this could be an easier to find alternative to those wraps as well.


Finishing. The hemming on the wraps was not quite up to the standards most baby wearers have come to expect, although Louise has assured me that a seamstress will be handling the hemming on future wraps. Middle markers and tagging are unobtrusive and yet distinctive. There is a visible difference in the selvedges on the rails (likely heightened by the bright nature of the colorway). I would not worry about the selvedges in wear, but they could use some more tweaking before being at the level that most wearers might wish for.

Who will like this wrap. Lovers of wraps on the denser, more supportive side. Wrappers carrying kiddos in the larger weight ranges. Admirers of twill who veer from wraps on the heavy blanket twill side. Hand painted admirers.

Who might want to avoid this wrap. Seekers of stretch and drape.  Lovers of thin and IMG_4842floppy. This particular colorway does run on the narrow side – so those hoping for lots of width might also want to wait for a future release.

Sissy & P


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