Review – Ankalia – Pinnacle Persimmon

Tencel & Wool. A super soft, shiny, and thin combination that will be sure to please wrappers searching for the happy place between the drape of tencel and the additional smoosh of wool.


A note – we tested Persimmon in ring sling length, so my thoughts are limited to it’s use and wrapping characteristics in that format.

As a sling, Persimmon was squish perfect. Lovely soft, great drape, super easy to guide through the rings and adjust. The traditional bit of slip for tencel worked well in a ring sling, and the wool addition helped keep the pattern soft and less textured than some of Ankalia’s other tencel blends.

In comparison to Ankalia’s other Pinnacle colorway, #19, Persimmon is less heavy in hand, lighter. It’s not a super airy or thin wrap, except when you hold up #19 in comparison, but still perhaps would be a better choice for those with smaller babies or in hotter climates.  IMG_4636

Construction. The ring sling is beautifully finished as per all the Ankalia designs we have tested. Fans of a traditional gathered shoulder should find the Ankalia shoulder comfortable. Fans of a more narrow shoulder (hybrid/eesti or pleated) might find the floating shoulder a bit overwhelming and limiting in movement. Length wise, the ring sling seemed well suited for our height – we did tend to wrap the rings due to a newbie squish – but I did not find the length excessive or  worry that it might need additional chopping.

Who would like this wrap: Tencel lovers. Squish wearers. Soft seekers. Autumn lovers. IMG_4635

Who might pass: Big kid wearers might find this doesn’t provide enough support and
structure in single pass / ring sling carries. Texture lovers might find this design/fibre combo a bit too flat and sleek. Yellow lovers – this verges more on a deep, autumn flavoured yellow, and might not be your jam if you’re searching for a super sunshine yellow.

Sissy & P



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