Review – Ankalia – Seagrass Jade

Ankalia’s other reviewers have so well summed up this beautiful wrap  – that there isn’t really much else insightful I feel I can add! So. End review.

Just kidding!

I don’t have much new to add but I will share my thoughts on this gorgeous wrap for those that just can’t get enough details about Seaglass.   IMG_5407

Seaglass is classy gorgeous. A soft pastel colorway – the pattern photographs beautifully and is simply stunning in a DH. It’s crispness and aesthetic make it a technique wrapper’s dream – this a wrap that you might wage a few wars with – but in the end those that appreciate a challenge will sigh with satisfaction when it gets to that happy point they have envisioned.

Yes, it’s not really a squish wrap. I did wrap my squish with it, and as I played more with it, I came to appreciate it’s wrapping qualities far more and love it harder. And timing was IMG_4509everything – this came a few days after we had started to get our newbie wrapping grove back, versus when we were struggling to remember how to wrap a squish.   It shined more with my toddler, where he was rock solid in a DH nap starter.

Is it a wrap for new wrappers? No, not really. Surprisingly for tencel (to me), this wrap has a lot of grip, a lot of texture, a whole lot of everything. I could see it frustrating someone attempting to learn back carries in an unbroken in state, because it takes a bit of technique to get the maximum play out of Seaglass. In that sense though, the amount of cush and texture mean that it could also very well hide a lot of things that might make a thinner wrap uncomfortable for a new wrapper. For someone constantly rucking, this could still be an amazing addition to their stash, because it does have that extra support IMG_5402and cush.

But new wrappers and squish wrappers shouldn’t fret if they are disappointed that this lovely green doesn’t quite seem to fit in their niche based on reviews. Because Ankalia has done something truly remarkable with its two latest green releases Seaglass and Ophidian, and really their whole wrapping line. Creating wraps for every end point – from hobbyist to beginner. Jacinta said it so well when she called Seaglass a stage 3 wrap. Because that is what this wrap really is. But the amazing thing is that Ankalia is attempting to produce options for both hobbyist and beginners. And that’s a feat not many wrap companies have been able to manage.

Who will like this wrap: Hobby wrappers. Wrappers who appreciate a break in challenge. Wrappers who appreciate technique and seek out a wrap that will emphasize their wrapping skills. Big kid wrappers. Wrappers who seek cush for quick single pass carries. IMG_5400

Who might want to avoid this wrap. Squish wrappers may find the fabric overwhelming until well broken in. New wrappers too. Wrappers who are in survival mode and care less about technique more about functioning might eschew Seaglass for a wrap with a bit more ease.

Sissy & P (and a tiny bit of R)


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