Review – Ankalia – Pinnacle #19

Ankalia does wool.

Cue the collective gasp of those avidly following and or currently in love with Ankalia.

(And it’s good).

IMG_5417Ankalia seems to have mastered the softness, drape and comfort of a wool blend wrap, while managing to keep it relatively thin and moldable. #19 is a sleek racehorse of a wool blend – flat and thin to the touch – while maintaining a lush cash feel to mark it different from their cotton blends.

Wrapping wise – yeah it’s lux. Soft and satin smooth to the touch. More flat in hand than some wool blends – once in a wrap job the wool density is more apparent. It’s a wrap you do have to work a bit to get the slack out of in a DH – or at least – I realized once I’d started wrapping that I had misjudged it’s initial weight and texture. While CCCBs weren’t overly large, my knots were bigger than I expected. Akin to it’s color (are you team purple or team pink?) – it’s true wrapping heft is a bit of a chameleon as well.

IMG_5413For those with wool sensitivities, I am only *very* slightly sensitive, but I noticed no itch or prickle with this wrap.

Finishing – Expect the usual high standard of Ankalia finishing. #19 feels high class – the color is vibrant, saturated, rich. That said, it is a high blend wool wrap, with a super saturated color. This is no beater wrap. This is a wrap for those who will be careful – for those wanting to add to their current stashes with something different, something “fancy”. This isn’t a wrap or colorway to be washed weekly. It shouldn’t be thought of as just a collector or hobbyist wrap – but it is a conscience wrapper wrap. Not something you would want to drag in a parking lot or rough it with – something you will be careful and attentive to while wrapping.

Who would like this wrap – Squish and toddler worthy – it’s heft might overwhelm very small newbies – but it’s softness and drape will make it newbie worthy. Vibrant wrap lovers – this color will be your jam. Wool lovers – yep. Soft and moldable lovers – another yep.

Who might avoid this wrap – Squish wrappers may want to stay away based on the higherIMG_5415 care nature of the wrap and potentially spit up prone babies. People searching for a beater, or the one wrap to rule them all, might find this needs a bit more attention to care than they are willing to give. Really large wrappee wearers – I’m curious if the sleekness and flatness of this wrap might give you a bit of slip. Thin wrap lovers might find this has a little bit too much density to it for them to be happy.



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