Review – Two Sparrows Wovens – Rhythm Poison

100% Cotton

Please allow me to introduce Rhythm Poison.  A Two Sparrows Wovens (formerly Two Sparrows Handwovens) machine woven wrap.  That’s right…machine woven.  Two Sparrows has ventured from their handwoven line to give it a go with machine wovens, and Rhythm Poison is one of the first to be released.IMG_1618

First off, this wrap feels a bit intimidating.  It is a lighter wrap, but it is dense.  It has quite a bit of texture and stretch.  It can be a little stiff to the touch, and it will definitely require some breaking in if purchased new.  That being said, if you have a heavier baby or toddler, you may want to put in the effort to get this one soft and floppy, you will be rewarded for your efforts.  It feels quite a bit like the Ethos Solace Vesper I tried a couple of months ago, and if you love the Ethos, you’ll love this one equally.IMG_1609

I got quite a workout using this wrap, and let me tell you, the effort paid off.  Although thin, Rhythm Poison is extremely supportive.  There was nowhere for my seat popping leg straightener to go.  Once up and tight, the passes held firm and there was no sag.  It is a great wrap for heavy babies.  The diagonal stretch gave me support on my picky shoulders, and the absolute steadfast immovability of this wrap blew me away.  Okay, it takes a bit longer to get a solid and tight wrap job, but once you have it, it’s not moving.

I wouldn’t suggest this wrap for a new wrapper.  I also wouldn’t suggest it as the best option for a newborn unless it is already broken in.  Two Sparrows Wovens has delivered a machine woven option for the advanced toddler wrapper.  If you are looking for a light yet solid and supportive machine woven, you really should try Rhythm Poison.IMG_1612

Who might like this wrap:  Ethos Solace lovers, experienced wrappers looking for a great shorty, heavy baby or toddler wrappers, those who love to showcase wrapping abilities.

Who might shy away from this one:  Newborn squish wrappers or beginner wrappers. Those who love multi-pass carries may find that this is just too much wrap.


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