Review – Ankalia – Ophidian

Ophidian arrived for testing today. Realizing that wearers are weighing the decision to enter or not enter the draw right now – some very quick thoughts from me after a few hours of wear with a squish and in a couple of different front carries.


It seems hasty to snap to a judgement so quickly – but Ophidian might just be my favorite Ankalia yet. Caveat – I’m a thin wrap lover.  I appreciate the characteristics of heavier and denser wraps, but when I stock my own stash, it’s with thin, easily moldable wraps that make wrapping effortless. IMG_4501
As its tencel nature might suggest, Ophidian is super floppy, soft and moldable. Perfectly suitable to my small squish wrappee, it was easy to work with in my long time carry nemesis – Poppins – and in my current but I used to be able to do this so well carry – Kangaroo. The knot is small, and althought the wrap has a great deal of sheen and gloss, it’s not slippy. My wrap jobs are secure, stable, and comfortable.
Keep in mind it is a thin wrap. Probably one of the thinnest Ankalias we have tried yet (for reference, we have hosted Nganana, #19, Magician, Aurora, Seagrass, Mariana). Large toddler wearers, it’s thinness and the normal tencel slip might limit this from being your perfect match (but don’t worry – Seaglass should be right up your alley). IMG_4485
Squish wrappers, new wrappers, average size kiddo wrappers, high heat dwellers – however – this wrap should be your jam. And bonus. It’s green. Which always gets high marks in my books.
– Sissy & P

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