Review – Willow Tree Wovens – Talisman

Hand dyed organic cotton warp, camel silk weftFB_IMG_1459721899331

Hand painted warp, exotic fibre weft…this wrap has it all!
Rebecca has created a stunning wrap as her submission for the 2016 Spring Loom to Wrap competition.  Talisman, is a wonderful mix of hand dyed organic cotton warp with a camel silk weft, giving it an elegance and level of sophistication that isn’t showy or overdone.  The 6 procion snow dyed colours are so beautifully mixed, once again proving that Rebecca has an eye for not only creating the colours, but seemlessly blending them.  This wrap has a beautiful spring feel, and the colours are a perfect canvas for the intricate crackle weave.
received_10153524460121884The wrap has a light and airy feel with just enough weight to give a beautiful drape.  The camel silk is soft and forgiving of sloppy wrap jobs, while still being strong enough to allow for a nice tight pass that doesn’t require any readjustments.  This wrap feels like a second skin.  It is so forgiving on picky shoulders and is so easy to wrap with that I would easily suggest it for both novice and advanced wrappers.  While it reminds me of the previous Willow Tree Wovens release, Cherished Elegance, Talisman has a unique feel that I can only attribute to the camel silk.  It is so incredibly soft.  As a comparison, it feels like a beautifully broken in linen or Egyptian cotton wrap without the sag.  The crackle weave gives it just enough stretch to really hug the shoulders, without being droopy.  The silk is strong enough to hold a big toddler but soft enough for a newborn.  It really does incorporate the best of both worlds.
If you are looking for a solid wrap that is nice and light, gives a great wrap job every time and that can be worn for years, this wrap is it.
received_10153559007141884Who would love this wrap:  Lovers of exotic fibers, wrappers who love soft thin wraps, those looking for a OOAK piece that will last from newborn into toddlerhood.
Who may not like this wrap:  Those who prefer darker or earthier colours, really thick wrap lovers, those looking for a “beater” wrap.

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