Review – Little Dog Handwoven – Opus 8, no. 1 and Opus 9, no. 2

I was slightly hoping that a squish would arrive during the time we hosted these wraps. Someone however, wanted to keep hibernating – so pregnant belly and toddler had to suffice.  IMG_3985

First impressions. While both wraps weren’t in my particular style range for colors, and were maybe a slightly bit more old school in their colorways, the colors were still eye pleasing and photographed well.

IMG_3911Wrapping wise. The plainweave reminded me highly of old Uppy cotton. Denser, more supportive, slight grip, less stretch. Great taut chest passes and supportive, non budging wrap jobs with a wiggly toddler. It’s a grippy workhorse wrap that could easily fit a lot of wrapper’s needs.

I had a harder time with the pebble weave tester – because – thin wrap lover. While moldable, it was a bulkier, heavier wrap, and it was hard to find the right carry to help it shine. I did make a pretty chest pass, but getting that tight snug wrap job
wasn’t easy. It was probably good news that I hadIMG_3964 a toddler to wrap, as the heft of this wrap would have easily overwhelmed a squish (and my squish fumbling wrap skills).

Weaving wise. Selvedges aren’t perfectly knife straight, but are very clean. The selvedges on the pebble weave were even
cleaner and sharper – and the weaving was really nice. The pebble weave was missing middle markers – which led to some frustration on my end, because I am one of those wrappers that is overly reliant on markers for wrap jobs.IMG_3988

Both wraps also came with the new safety tags, which I would have preferred to see sewn at the tails versus placed in the midst of the wrap.

Who will like these wraps. Lovers of old Uppy cotton, or more dense style plain weave a la Brown Dog and Isis, should appreciate Little Dog’s plain weave. Thick, cushy wrap lovers should enjoy the bulk of the pebble weave and rejoice at another thick wrap option. Toddler or heavier weight range wrappees should be super comfortable to wear in either wrap.

Who should avoid these wraps. Lovers of stretchy, soft plaIMG_3975inweave might want to steer away from the plain weave. Thin twill lovers might find the heft of the pebble too much to handle. Squish wearers would have a hard time managing the bulk of the pebble weave.

Sissy & R


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