Review – Va Va Valoom – Flowers Never Bend

I’m not usually a pink person – my stash preferences gravitate towards predominantly dark or neutral colours – but with the arrival of my first daughter, I jumped at the chance to try a colourway outside my usual picks.


This cotton warp/lilac tencel weft floored me, despite my misgivings about pink. My daughter is named after great grandmothers on both sides so it seemed fitting that her first tester ride was in Va Va Valoom’s Flowers Never Bend, a beautiful pink crackle inspired by weaver Andrea’s grandmother’s love of peonies.


Wearing – I’ve previously had the pleasure of trying Va Va Valoom’s beautiful competition piece, Tranquility, and its sister. Flowers Never Bend is in the same crackle weave, but with some weaver evolution. For starters, it’s softer to the touch, even though the tester I received was fairly fresh off the loom, and this softness translates into its wrapping qualities. It’s noticeably narrower than the extra-wide Tranquility. I used it to wrap a 9lb newborn in FWCC for an extended time and a 35lb toddler in a DH for a short time and I was pleased with its performance with both, a rare quality for wraps. Flowers Never Bend hits the sweet spot for texture. The crackle weave is airy enough that I brought it to a dance class in which I wore my daughter and I didn’t feel over heated, even with my little oven strapped to my chest. At the same time, the texture gives it enough grip to hold up to movement without causing sag, but not too much stick to cause problems lifting and securing the rebozo pass in a double hammock as long as a little attention was given to proper tightening.


Weaving – As with Tranquility, the weaving is gorgeous. It has the same incredible shimmer that I struggled to accurately catch in photos, but in a more understated way. Selvedges are straight as an arrow. I love the subtle lilac tactile middle marker, an example of the attention to detail that makes these wraps feel so luxurious. Any lover of handwovens knows that delicious feeling of gliding the top rail through your fingers, searching for that marker, and this wrap won’t disappoint. Va Va Valoom’s branding and tag is discreetly sophisticated. It does come with the giant warnings and regulations tag, but this can be rolled and sewed to be less obtrusive and I do like the tail placement better than along a rail in the length of the wrap. Andrea has an eye for colour and is one of those weavers who produces distinctly original warps that translate to beautiful, unique wraps.


Who needs this wrap: Lovers of “girly” colourways – this is the ultimate pink wrap. Admirers of fancy weaves and textile geeks. Seekers of shimmer. Those looking for a “squish to toddler” wrap.

Who might pass: Someone looking for thick, blankety, stretchy WQs. Shrinking violets – wearing this wrap will get you attention!


– Jola, S&F


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