Review – Willow Tree Wovens – Cherished Elegance

Cotton, Egyptian Cotton, Sparkle thread warp, Bamboo weft

I am admittedly a thick wrap lover.  I love being able to wear my heavy baby for hours on end with no shoulder pain and up until this point, I haven’t been able to find a thin wrap capable of caressing my shoulders the way a thick wrap does. When Rebecca of Willow Tree Wovens asked if I would be willing to host her Cherished Elegance tester, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Never did I think that this wrap would become my all-time favourite.

Straight off, the feel of this wrap is delightful.  It’s thin, it’s soft and it has beautiful drape.  It sparkles.  Literally.  The sparkle threads that have been woven into the warp are perfectly done.  Not overdone, they are instead very elegant and give the wrap just the right amount of glimmer.  The colours range from pale to darker shades of pink, and the crackle detail is stunning.

1Let’s talk about wrapping qualities.  Cherished Elegance creates a perfect ace bandage.  This wrap is thin enough that it’s so easy to get a nice tight cross, but sticky enough that it sticks a pass the first time.  Sitting on the thinner side, this wrap would be perfectly soft and supple for a new squish.  It also has enough support to carry a heavy baby for hours without needing to be tightened.  It is so soft on the shoulders, and I had no issues carrying my heavy dude for 3 hours in a Poppins carry.  I was surprised as heck!  EPH5-2

The bamboo/cotton combination had an almost cooling effect.  Where I might typically overheat from the furnace that is my son, I thought this wrap held up well.  It was breathable and so lightweight that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it for the heat of the summer.

The weaving is meticulous.  I couldn’t find any flaws at all.  The middle marker is hand stitched.  Although Rebecca is relatively new to the weaving scene, her selvages are spot-on.  The attention to detail is inspiring and I can’t wait to see what comes out of Willow Tree Wovens next.2

Who would love this wrap:  Thin wrap lovers, those looking for a great summer wrap, those wanting a more elegant wrap, lovers of sparkle threads, wrappers who are looking for a stylish wrap that they can use into toddlerhood.

Who might not enjoy this wrap:  Thick wrap lovers, those who typically gravitate towards darker or earthier colours.



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