Clockwise Weaving – Eastern Point Harbour (Cotton) Review

100% cotton

Wrappee: 14 months old, 25 pounds

Being that my heart lives in Nova Scotia, and thus have a nautically obsessed family, I was ecstatic to be chosen to test this wrap.  The colourway and the meaning behind it appealed to absolutely everyone in my family, and aesthetically, it was an instant favourite with my 4 year old.  The warp itself embodies Peggy’s Cove colours, and the weft changes in the wrap add a visual interest and depth of colour that were not at all blatant or harsh.EPH3

The feel of the wrap is soft and floppy, and quite airy.  I am typically drawn to thicker and cushier wraps, so this was a departure from what I would automatically choose for my stash.  That being said, we enjoyed wrapping with EPH cotton as it had a moldability that we often find lacking in our thicker wraps.

The pebble/twill weave was light and breathable.  It has a very nice diagonal stretch that helped us get a good, comfortable seat.  I tested this wrap with a variety of carries (DH, ruck, tub, Poppins, FWCC), and found it to be easy on the shoulders.  The slight texture meant that it tightened well, while the lightweight fabric allowed us to get a nice tight wrap job.  The knot was nice and compact and stayed put even when I only tied with a half knot.  I fear that prolonged use by a heavier baby may cause discomfort due to sag from the thinness of the weave, however, in our tests, the wrap stood up to the test.EPH5

When I questioned Danielle about the looser weave structure, I was impressed by her eagerness to discuss the weave integrity and safety.  She investigated the typical density of this weave thoroughly, and alleviated any concerns I had.  In fact, based on both of our research, the weave is spot-on.  I was inspired that throughout our discussions, her main focus remained in ensuring the safety of the little babes who would be carried in it.

We absolutely loved both the simplicity and the upscale leather tags that are on this wrap.  It is subtle, yet sturdy, and the logo is refined and delicate.  The weaving is meticulous, and there were very few obvious bobbin changes.  The selvages mirror the light airiness of this wrap and have a more relaxed look and feel to them.EPH2

Who might like this wrap: Airy wrap lovers, thin wrap lovers, small baby wrappers, those who would like to venture into the world of handwovens and are not prepared to drop a fortune.

Who likely won’t like this wrap: Thick, dense wrap lovers, those who seek super sharp selvages.  Those looking for more muted or pink colourways might shy away from this one.




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