Review – PinkNova – Polaris Mr. Grey

53% Bio Cotton, 37% Superfine Wool, 10% Cashmere

We were honoured to have been granted the opportunity to host a second wrap from PinkNova, a European company that I believe wrappers will continue to see great things from as far as innovative blends and high quality releases go.


A study in wool contrasts, Polaris Mr. Grey is quite different in hand in comparison to our first PinkNova tester, Deep Autumn Leaves (Bio Cotton/Alpaca). Where Leaves featured an insane amount of texture and depth to touch, Polaris is much more akin to the traditional soft and moldable feel most wrappers associate with cashmere wool blends. Even Grey’scolorway seems to echo and reinforce the light and soft feel of the wrap – being much more sweetly blue-purple based than a true stark grey.

IMG_3581Wrapping wise: As mentioned, Grey is lovely soft, smooth and supple. It’s very comparable to the Woven Wings Merino Geos we’ve hosted in terms of softness, at least at this point in its travels. While Grey does have a slight bit more heft and density behind it than the Geos did, and doesn’t quite compare in terms of overall thinness, it may be more appealing to larger kid wearers due to it’s extra width and bit of added density. While not super thin, its relative thinness meant it still created a tight and

Finishing Wise: Lovely hems, middle markers and tagging, and again another pretty bag for carrying. High quality finishing indicative of its market aim.

Who would like this wrap: Traditional wool lovers. Geo lovers, or Geo lovers seeking a bit extra width for their wrappees. Big kid wrappers in general should appreciate the wool support, while newborn wrappers will appreciate the more immediate softness and moldability. Those who found wrapping with Leaves a bit overwhelming due to texture and grip might appreciate the more instant softness of this wrap.

IMG_3463Who might pass on this wrap: Wool allergies, this might still be too much wool content for you to tolerate well. Vivid color lovers – the saturation of color and depth here will likely not be enough for you. Texture hunters might find this wrap hangs too much on the soft side without providing enough texture interest.






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