Ethos Solace Vesper 6

100% mercerized cotton
260 g/m2

IMG_3386-2This wrap is visually appealing. It has a striking pattern that gets noticed, without being offensive. It also looks just as good paired with black tie clothing, as it does when worn with pjs. There is a slight shine to the fabric that is beautiful in the sun.

I was really hoping to love this wrap purely based on aesthetics and background inspiration. Whitney and team’s inspiration came from a friend’s pregnancy loss, and some proceeds of the sales of Solace went to the Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep (NILMDTS) foundation. It is also a very budget friendly wrap that is accessible to a wide audience.

The feel of this wrap out of the package surprised me. For a 100% cotton wrap, Solace is quite stiff. It is dense, but not thick. It had a good horizontal stretch that I wasn’t expecting. The combination of stiffness and stretch made it possible to get tight passes with very little effort. Once tied, it stayed in place, and no readjustments were necessary. It also didn’t dig into my typically picky shoulders. It was very comfortable with single and multi pass carries (DH, FWCC, Poppins), however I would not give this wrap to a beginner wrapper. Because of the stiffness, the passes needed to be spot on the first time. Readjusting was quite difficult and required a bit of effort.

IMG_3394-2I had a hard time getting past the way the wrap felt in my hands. I’m still surprised this wrap is 100% cotton. It wasn’t as soft as I would typically expect from cotton. At a local meet-up, the wrap was compared to the texture of Pavo wraps. It would seem that if you love the feel of a Pavo, you would likely enjoy this budget friendly, but equally visually appealing, version.

Who might like this wrap: Pavo lovers, lovers of the pattern or colours, thin wrap lovers who need good support, anyone hoping for a high-end looking wrap at a fraction of the cost.

Who likely won’t like this wrap: Soft cotton lovers, those who prefer thick wraps, new wrappers.



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