Review – Hubertine – Matilde Lise

I’ve had a wee crush on Hubertine after wrapping with a local’s lovely Winona Bleue. Our visit with Matilde Lise only solidified my impression that Hubertine is a company to keep an active eye on for lovers of thin, beautifully finished, high end machine woven blends.


Visually, the complexity of Matilde Lise’s colorway isn’t easy to capture on photograph. Wrong and right side are equally pleasing, and while the colors are delicate, they’re not overly feminine. The colorway has an earthy, almost retro classic vibe that should compliment a wrapper’s gender neutral preference.

IMG_3605Wrapping wise : Much like Winona Bleue, Matilde Lise is surprisingly thin and flat to the touch for a wool blend. There’s a hint of depth to it that can be felt in hand, but,  not a fluffy feeling wool wrap that one might expect. The extra support and bounce from the wool is apparent when wrapping, even if it’s deceptively absent when in hand. It creates a super clean and crisp chest pass, with small knots and CCCBs. There’s a slight bit of grip to the fibre, but not enough to cause stumbling blocks when flipping or reinforcing passes. It’s supportive enough in rucks, and while flat and smooth to touch, isn’t slippy in carries.

Weaving wise: Beautiful touches like an embroidered marker on the tail, small tags, neat hems, make it clear this wrap has been carefully produced to compete on the HE market.

Who would like this wrap: Thin lovers. HE machine wrap hoarders. Lovers of Lawilde’s blends – this might be another option for you to choose from.IMG_3494

Who might pass on this wrap: Thick wrap lovers. Soft smooshy wool lovers. People looking for a very feminine pink might this isn’t quite as girlie a colorway as they were expecting.


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