Review – Zee Zen – Pearl Cove

While Canada is home to an amazing list of baby wrap handweavers, we’ve sadly been a bit short on Canadian owned machine woven companies. It’s really lovely and exciting to see a Canadian owned machine woven company joining the list of producers of higher end baby wraps, and giving Canadian (and worldwide) wrappers more purchasing options. IMG_3629

In hand, Pearl Cove’s texture is quite different from almost all of the wraps we have hosted over the years. It’s not quite spongy, nor is it truly soapy (although I think it comes quite close). FB_IMG_1454550200737Instead, it has an interesting almost quilt like feel to its surface.
While dense, it’s not overwhelmingly so, although it does fold up to make an impressive stack (and might be a bit to carry in a bag on a trip). The periwinkle-blueish colour is light and soft, and not a color I have noticed frequently appearing in wraps.

Wrapping wise – Cove is supportive, moldable, with a slight hint of grip and texture. While it does feel heavier in hand, it compacts and drapes well in carries. Knots and CCCBs were not overly large, and I didn’t have to fight with the wrap in flipped passes. It handled a temporary rebozo easily, and tightened without difficulty.

IMG_3636Cove does run on the narrower side, which may disappoint some large wrappee wearers, as the support would really lend itself well as a heavier child wrap option. I have a noted preference for narrow over wide, as my main wrappee is on the petite side, so the width didn’t bother me (I may actually happy dance a bit when we receive something that runs more narrow). I did put my pre-K kiddo up to check if it the width would be awkward, and I could see someone wrapping a longer torso child with less upper body control being a bit wary. Pauline has noted that future releases will run wider which should please those wrappers hunting for supportive wrap options.

Weaving wise: Clean hems. Small, unobtrusive tagging. Feels in hand like most higher end machine woven cottons.

Who would like this wrap: Texture lovers. Supportive wrap lovers. Newbies should find the density of this wrap comforting, without being overwhelming as they learn. Canadian brand supporters.

Who might want to avoid this wrap: Super color saturation fans may find this colorway a bit pale. Thin wrap lovers. Large kid wrappers might struggle with the width of this particular release. IMG_3637

– Sissy & R




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