Review – Ethos – Phoebe

Who wouldn’t be a bit curious to feel banana fibre in a wrap? While not an actual “silk” fibre, this wrap doesn’t have the shiny, lux feeling that one might be imagining from the silk descriptor. It’s a dense, nubby wrap, full of texture and weight.




Clearly, this will be a wrap that wrappers will divide over in opinion. Either you will adore its nubby imperfect texture and heavy density, or you will find its imperfections and weight a bit overwhelming.

In hand, Phoebe is heavy. Key word for today should apparently be texture,  because if I leave any impression behind, it should be that this is a super textured wrap It feels and looks akin to a terry washcloth, super nubby and slubby. If a Pamir was mistaken at one time for a paint drop cloth, one could easily see someone unknowing assuming this was just a very substantial towel. IMG_3269

Wrapping wise, it has ridiculous support. Although quite dense and heavy, aside from my shoulders it didn’t wrap as beastly as I was expecting from its feel in hand. Knots were large, and it would be a wrap that has hits and misses as far carries due to its substanc. But it had surprising moldability in a chest pass and I didn’t have to fight with it as much as I was expecting to get my passes both snug and laying flat.


I’m admittedly a thin wrap lover. BHP is my machine woven jam, and I have a soft spot IMG_3230for thin moldable plain weaves akin to Shearwater. This wrap is quite outside my normal comfort zone, and I would have a hard time adding one to my stash in a long size. But that’s me, and I could see thick loving friends going quite bananas over this wrap.


Who would like this wrap : Texture lovers. Dense, thick fans. Toddler or large wrappee wearers will appreciate the extra support. Experienced wrappers looking for an affordable addition to their stashes.
Who might want to pass on this wrap: OCD fibre junkies will have a hard time ignoring the nubs and threads. Newbies might find themselves overwhelmed with the weight and wrapping characteristics. Thin wrap lovers – not for you.

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