Review – Hubertine – Matilde Lise

I’ve had a wee crush on Hubertine after wrapping with a local’s lovely Winona Bleue. Our visit with Matilde Lise only solidified my impression that Hubertine is a company to keep an active eye on for lovers of thin, beautifully finished, high end machine woven blends. Visually, the complexity of Matilde Lise’s colorway isn’t easy to capture on … More Review – Hubertine – Matilde Lise

Review – Zee Zen – Pearl Cove

While Canada is home to an amazing list of baby wrap handweavers, we’ve sadly been a bit short on Canadian owned machine woven companies. It’s really lovely and exciting to see a Canadian owned machine woven company joining the list of producers of higher end baby wraps, and giving Canadian (and worldwide) wrappers more purchasing options.  In … More Review – Zee Zen – Pearl Cove