Review – Wauggl Bauggl – Zen

I’ve been curious about this European based company for a quite awhile, and was excited to be granted a chance to host their wool blend release, Zen.  Zen

My growing impression over the last year has been that the new-ish to the market European companies are really bringing their A game as far as wrap production. Introducing high quality machine wovens using lux fibres and providing consumers with more options to purchase from in the way of lux fibres and brilliant colorways than was previously available.IMG_3188

This Zen tester is no exception to the trend being set. The colorway is vibrant, engaging, not a purple that is seen regularly in wrap form. The pattern is larger than I was expecting, and perhaps a tiny bit overwhelming (disclosure I’m not huge on patterns in the first place).

In hand, this wrap is soft, smooshy, everything that most wool lovers crave. Zen has that soft to touch blanket feeling that most of us associate with merino blends – no prickle, newbie soft, lovely drape. It has remarkable bounce and great moldability and squishiness. It feels less dense in hand than AP Praline, more akin to the softness of AP Karasuka Aozora and the WW Geos – but with a bit more bounce and fluff.

IMG_3200Wear wise,  Zen compacts to create lovely twisted belts and knots. Its extra wool fibre cush means chest passes are not epically snug like some other more flat/dry wraps – although it’s easy to tighten and create secure wrap jobs. It has good glide making it easy to work with in flipped passes, yet there isn’t a tremendous amount of slip either, helping it hold up well in a ruck. We did find the width a bit to work with – my wrappee is petite – and I admit to wrapping a bit quickly most days. I had to re wrap a few times due to seat failures not allowing him to get his arms out fully.

Who would like this wrap : Wool lovers. Width lovers. Jewel tone / purple lovers. Toddler wrappers.

Who might pass on this wrap : Squish lovers will adore its softness, but might find the width a bit overwhelming to work with. Small pattern lovers. Hot climate wearers might find this a bit too much wrap for their temperature.IMG_3347


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