Review – Ankalia – Nganana

I have been really excited about this wrap since the first preview photos were released by Ankalia. Black and white. High contrast. A beautiful design created by an Indigenous artist. Tencel!


The design is crisp, clean, and bold. In person, the white fill is a bit more cream based, less stark white than one may have expected. The high contrast of the design/colors are stunning and even more brilliant on camera.

Wear wise : My experience with tencel has been limited to handwovens and one machine woven. In comparison to the other machine woven, Nganana’s tencel feels much more cushy, with greater depth, more solid density overall. It’s missing the sheen that I’ve come to associate with tencel, and feels much more textured and less flat/satin like to the touch. In multi pass carries it had less overall slip, and I didn’t worry about needing to account for sag while wrapping. While I do wrap a petite kid, I think most average sized wrappees would be free from experiencing slip or sag in this blend. I do think bigger wrappees might experience quite a bit more slip or unwanted sag that might make them favor another wrap.NgananaBknot

In comparison to Ankalia Mariana, Aurora and Magician, Nganana feels almost entirely on the other side of the wrap spectrum. While Mariana, Aurora and Magician all had quite a bit of built in dryness/crispness to them, Nganana has much more immediate moldability and flop. It’s not what I would characterize as a super soft wrap, but it has a more noticeable cush and soft solidness to it that is very different from the solid flatness of Mariana, Aurora and Magician. It wouldn’t be a wrap that I might worry about a newbie wrapper struggling with on pulling slack out of chest passes, or that someone with picky shoulders might want to avoid.

Weaving wise : No issues. Clean hems, clean tagging. I am aware that pilling has been noted with tencel in other machine woven brands, but this wrap showed no signs of piling, even for us being quite down the list for testing. I wouldn’t expect it to experience much, if any, with further wear.

NgananaFlatWho would like this wrap : Wrappers seeking the extra cush of tencel in a more 100 % cotton esque feeling wrap. High contrast lovers. Wrappers of little babes who want a wrap that could grow with their wrappees up to a reasonable weight range.

Who might want to pass : Large kiddo wrappers might struggle with slip/sag in certain carries with this blend. Lovers of super soft tencel blends might find this doesn’t have the softness they were searching for.

– Sissy & R

Professional photos courtesy j.mcneely photography.


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