Review – PinkNova – Deep Autumn Leaves

PinkNova – Deep Autumn Leaves.

Bio Cotton/Baby Alpaca

I’ve been intrigued by this company since a fellow wrapper gave them props for their high quality releases and for being really lovely to work with. While their initial pattern release – Kisses – wasn’t quite attuned to my bit of an introvert self, I was excited to be invited to test the more subdued and up my alley Leaves pattern.


Leaves arrived in loom state – in beautiful, simple and and super classy packaging. Dry time after first wash was about a day – nothing crazy for the wrap length (size 5) and time of year. The color is a lovely, light and fresh shade of pale blue verging towards hints of green, with the texture giving it a bit more dimension and interest up close.PNflat

Wear wise: This wrap has so much texture. So much texture. I really adore and appreciate texture in wraps – it’s like an added bonus to engaging my interest. In feel, it reminded me most of Teviot v2 – that similar not really soft almost burlap like wool texture that translates into really love passes and is so surprising with its easy moldability. Like Teviot, I feel like that Leaves would only soften up with wear to become even more drape like and floppy – although we didn’t quite get there with our amount of wrapping. I did feel like it would be a faster study into converting to softness.PN5

While Leaves had quite a bit of drape and heft in hand, my knots were relatively small, and it wasn’t a difficult wrap to work with. Maybe slightly stickier in flipped pass carries – but nothing that would drive me batty. It really excelled in a ruck – super supportive with that built in density that made it super easy to maintain a high seat. I expect it would tolerate large ruckees amazingly well. The heft behind the wrap and texture do make me think those living in high heat climates might find it a bit too dense to be comfortable in year round.

For those with wool sensitivities, I did notice a bit of the neck tingles with this blend. I do feel that slight prickle would most likely disappear with a bit more softening of the fibres, but, for someone who has a known or very high sensitivity, this might be a blend you decide to forgo.

Weaving wise: Impeccable finishing. Neat small hemmed rails, very subtle middle markers and tagging. Definitely representative of a more lux aimed machine woven brand.

PN1Who would like this wrap : Texture lovers. Teviot embracers. Wool blend searchers – another company to put on your radar. Large kid wearers should find the width and supportive of this one right up their alley.

Who should pass on this wrap : Sensitive skin wrappers – this is probably another wrap for you to ixnay. Itty bitty babe wearers might find the amount of texture and density a bit overwhelming till their wrappees hit a certain weight point – same for those who may be new to wrapping. Those that reside in hot heat areas might find this runs too hot for their comfort level.

– Sissy & R

Professional shots – credit to j.mcneely photography 


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