Review – Ankalia – Icarus Mariana

We hosted Ankalia’s beautiful upcoming release Mariana several weeks ago, while the colorway was still under wraps.


The color way is sexy stunning. Moody, beautiful deep blues and degrees of black. It’s not sombre though – it’s a stunning lush combination of deep colors that look gorgeous in person and beautiful on camera.

Wear wise: For those familiar with Icarus Aurora, I found this colorway to be a bit heftier in hand and feel than it’s purple sister. It mirrors MarianaFlatAurora in having similar drape, dryness and crispness, but the heft meant it felt like it had a tiny bit less stretch, and it wouldn’t surprise me to find out if it had a slightly higher GSM.

I did feel in general that this colorway would break in a softer than Aurora, as it felt like it had more drape and less crisp to it overall. The dark weft also made it seem a tiny bit less, sheen/satin finished – which may have also given to the impression that softness would come easier. Perplexing! (And a note that I am so curious to see and feel an Icarus that has been loved on – because I imagine there ends up being quite a difference from fresh to loved in feel). I mentioned in earlier reviews for Ankalia Magician and Icarus Aurora that Mariana3both of my children had complained at a bit of rail dig when tightening – and we didn’t have any issues with rails on this wrap – which does make me think there may be a little more inherent sense of softness to the dark weft.

Weave wise: As always, gorgeous finishing by the ladies of Ankalia. Perfect hems, sweet and subtle middle markers.

Who would like this wrap: Solid wrap lovers. Lovers of wraps that transform with wear. Lovers of crisp chest passes a la Pavo. Big kid wearers will find this supportive and grippy enough to maintain lengthy wrap jobs.

Who might pass on this wrap: Those hunting for a bit more ChestMarianaoverall softness. Newbie wearers might find the general crispness a bit overwhelming to wrap with at first go. Picky shoulders might find this has a bit too much crispness for them to tolerate well.

-Sissy & R


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