Review – Apple Blossom Wovens – Morning Glory v1 Natural

I’m admittedly a big wrap skeptic. I generally don’t buy into most things – and have a maybe not so tiny “I’ll believe it when I see it” chip on my shoulder. It’s part survival against churning, part protection against lusting and small stash woes, probably equal parts being slightly a bit of a wrap snob.

So I was completely skeptical when comments about ABW’s first wraps started appearing. I had a lot of internal conflicts from some of the early comments – about it’s handwoven-ish-ness. When Lisa approached me about testing, I was still incredibly skeptical about just how nice ABW might really be.
Really, it’s a surprise she still wanted to send me the wrap to test in the first place.

So I was thoroughly prepared to be judgy. To find fault with this wrap. To be able to say – “a – ha”!

The truth is. Morning Glory is a really nice wrap, especially given it’s price point. The finishing is perfect. No hems, straight selvedges. It’s pretty. It mirrors the grad style of most handwovens. Cue sigh to myself and a few crap “I’m a bit of an asshole” feelings.

Wrapping wise. Yes, at a local meet up, almost everyone assumed it was a handwoven. It does feel like some handwoven twills that we’ve had in our home, maybe slightly less dense or “full” or cushy feeling (comparing to Zat, ETLA or Handwoven Melodies). It is certainly comparable and I could see people being mistaken at first touch, although it doesn’t tend to have as much built in cush. It has selvedges, razor sharp ones at that, no hems. The middle markers and tagging give it a handwoven-ish vibe. The colors are blended grad like mimicking the style of a lot of handwovens.2015-12-29 20.29.10

Feel wise – it’s floppy and soft from the get go, no breaking in necessary. It’s thin in hand, but a little bit grippy. I was expecting more sag and stretch in back carries per twill norms, but I didn’t experience a lot (disclosure petite 2 year old wrappee). It’s not a wrap that is easy to work with in complex carries – as it does have a bit of stick (similar to some twills) – and it would lend itself to more stretch and retightening with a bigger wrappee and a complex tie off.

I know that Lisa has mentioned she would be increasing the PPI on other ABQ releases, because there were complaints about the thinness and stretch in MG. And most of the questions we read were about how big kid suitable the wrap might be. To be honest, I worry that making the wrap denser is going to distract from it’s current vibe. There are a lot of dense machine woven toddler worthy supportive wraps on the market. A lot. If someone is looking for a toddler worthy wrap, they are already going to have a problem with ABW because the width doesn’t lend itself to being big kid friendly. The toddler worthy market tends to be dominated by Pavo, with a lot of amazing companies offering toddler worthy wraps in between (Ankalia, Sling Studios), and I feel like it would be hard to break in and steal from that set, and really, a wrap doesn’t need to be all things to all the wearers to be successful. There aren’t a lot of instantly floppy affordable soft wraps that mimick handwovens on the market. And the largest market share for new budget friendly purchases right now is among newer wrappers – wrappers that can be brought in more by pretty, soft, easy to use, and affordable. So I’m a bit on the side of the supporting the wrap at it’s current PPI, and ensuring that buyers with big kids are aware this just might not be the wrap they are looking for.

IMG_2977Handwoven lovers. Yeah. This does have a handwoven twill (point/straight/zig zag) feel. At the same time, I don’t know that you would be pressed to add one to your stash. Having handwovens means that you have likely bought into the concept of weaver made handcrafts, customs, individual designs, fancy twills, limited quantities. I can see this being a wrap a curious handwoven lover adds to their stash as a loaner, as a beater, for friends to try out. I worry that most handwoven lovers would not be content enough with the wrapping qualities to give up their stashes to add this in. It is a great introduction wrap for someone who is interested in feeling what a handwoven is like. At it’s price point, its a fantastic gateway beginner wrap. It could easily be someone’s “that’s my only wrap”. But for a handwoven junkie, this probably won’t fit a need for you.

I do know that wearers have complained about the limited number of releases planned for ABW wraps. But honestly, it’s a smart move in this market. It’s unfortunate not everyone will be able to get one right when they want one, which is now, because now is hot. Which is the case when all new products are launched. But as a business move, as a company sustainability move in a market that is over saturated with releases and new weaving companies, keeping a small production line, ensuring there continues to be demand, and yep, ensuring that higher MV because of limited numbers, it’s smart. I think its especially wise considering this wrap will fill a bit of a speciality niche – and overproducing runs the risk of flooding that demand and then not being able to sell any wraps in the long run (and this means consumer’s not being able to sell wraps at retail themselves).20151227_193526

So who would like this wrap: Soft lovers. Budget wrappers. Non hemmed rail lovers. Newbies. Gateway drug wrappers. Squish wrappers. The handwoven twill feel curious.

Who might not like this wrap. Toddler wearers will have trouble with the width and possibly the support. Dense support non stretch lovers. Pavo / solid wrap fans. Handwoven lovers may likely find this doesn’t fill a particular need.

Sissy & R

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